Velour sleep bag - pink (2.5 togs)
Velour sleep bag - pink (2.5 togs)
Velour sleep bag - pink (2.5 togs)

Velour sleep bag - pink (2.5 togs)


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Velour, what a great option for chilly babies!

The velour baby sleeping bag, 2.5 TOGS, will bring warmth and security to baby. This Canadian designed baby sleeping bag is fully adapted to the cold months of fall and winter. In addition to being very comfortable during the night or daytime naps, your little one will also be very comfortable in his sleep sack leaving enough room for freedom of movement.

For several years now, Perlimpinpin has been Canada's favorite dream merchant. Indeed, our night bags are # 1 everywhere in the country! Why? All Perlimpinpin bags are tested by independent laboratories and testing facilities to offer a safe and perfect solution for baby’s sleep.

The Perlimpinpin sleep sack fits snugly is perfectly adjusted to fit the neck hole and opens only from the bottom, ensuring the bag is never over baby’s head. Make sure you choose the size that is right for your baby.

What to wear under the sleep bag? our guide will surely help based on the season, the chosen sleep bag,  the temperature of the room but above all your baby’s natural body heat!

The use of a night bag avoids blankets in the crib that could hinder baby's breathing.



・ safe and exclusive Canadian design without snaps

・ ideal for an undisrupted sleep

・ keeps baby warm all night

・ opens fully from bottom to easily change the diaper

・ well-adjusted neck hole 

・ protected chin

・ lots of room for baby’s feet



Machine wash in cold water delicate cycle. Tumble dry delicate cycle

100% Polyester


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Soft and warm

This is the best sleepsac we have ever had and this is our 2nd child. It is so soft and cozy and our daughter loves it. It is perfect for the cold weather that had surprised us early this year. The length is perfect and the cover over the zipper is big and makes it so there is no uncomfortable zipper under the chin area. I love that it zips down to the bottom along the sides too. Highly recommend this one. We will be getting another for sure!


Thank you so much Autumn! So glad you and your little one like your new sleep bag. Sweet dreams!